E.O.Y Work Party [Get Spanish] paellaMasterclass Style!

E.O.Y Work Party [Get Spanish] Paella Masterclass Style!

Do your work colleagues think of themselves as budding master chefs, or just love food?

Our Paella Masterclasses gives them opportunity to experience it all with our master paella chef –  master class which makes for a very exciting theme for your work EOY party.

Our professional chef and team come out on site, setup, prepare and cook all the fresh ingredients right in front of all the guests. Our chefs will take you on the food journey showing various skills and techniques to achieve that delicious paella.

Watch the paella master at work as he swirls his pan and gets eye level to make sure he achieves rice perfection.

A paella masterclass makes for a different,interesting and most of all delicious way to enjoy the food.

Festivities ahoy, don’t forget to add the spiced sangria to menu. We have a special Christmas blend this year that adds merriness to the occasion.

Get in contact with us today about availability as prime December dates are snapped up fast. Chat to our friendly staff on the website or you can email us at paella@olepaella.com



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