Our packages are designed to suit every occasion.

Simple Package

Selection of 3 tapas – served on our long rustic wooden boards


Choice of 1 paella, cocktail size*


Churros, cinnamon sugar, dulce deleche caramel, ice-cream OR 1 salad

$35.00 per Person



Regular Package

Selection of 3 tapas – served on our long rustic wooden boards


Cocktail size paella (choice of two)*


Churros, cinnamon sugar, dulce de leche caramel, ice-cream OR choice of 1 salad

$40.00 per Person



Gourmet Package

Selection of 3 tapas – served on our long rustic wooden boards


 Cocktail size paella (choice of two)*


Churros, cinnamon sugar, dulce de leche caramel, ice-cream AND choice of 1 salad

$45.00 per Person



Please feel free to contact our office if you have any further queries.

Thank you in advance.

*Seafood, chicken or vegetarian selection

All prices are excluded GST.


Our delicious freshly cooked paellas can be served in 2 portion sizes.
Cocktail (200g) or a main course size (260g).
We can also tailor a portion size to suit your budget or requirements.
 If you have a budget in mind we will be happy to customise a package for you.

paellapansleft-01 New to our menu paellapans-01

King Prawn Paella

Australian King prawns, chorizo, blistered red peppers, confit cherry tomatoes, spring greens, saffron and chicken stock

Pork Belly Paella

Pork Belly, chorizo, blistered red peppers, spring greens cooked with our tasty smoked ham hock stock

Traditional Seafood Paella

Tiger Prawns, baby calamari, fresh white fish, mussels, chorizo, slow roasted tomato sofrito, seafood stock

Blue Swimmer Crab Paella

Locally caught Blue Swimmer crab, calamari, tiger prawns in shellfish stock

Chicken, Chorizo, Sweetcorn Paella

Mt Barker free-range chicken, charred sweetcorn, chorizo, blistered peppers, green mojo sauce

Wild Mushroom Paella (v)

Field, shitake, enoki, king oyster mushroom with black garlic. Rich porcini herb stock, finished with Spanish Manchego cheese

Chicken and Wild Mushroom Paella

Mt Barker free-range chicken with field, shitake, enoki, king oyster mushrooms and black garlic cooked in rich porcini herb stock

Char-grilled Vegetarian Paella (v)

Charred asparagus and mixed bell peppers, sweetcorn, slow roasted cherry-truss tomatoes, zesty lemon herb evoo

Squid Ink Paella

Whole baby calamari, squid ink, char-grilled ‘La Boqueria’ chorizo, aioli

South-West Marron Paella*

Freshly caught local Pemberton marron, mussels, ‘La Boqueria’ chorizo, watercress, saffron aioli

Lobster Paella with Manjimup Black Truffle*

Lobster, ‘La Boqueria’ chorizo, shaved black truffle, lobster oil and winter greens


Spanish Manchego

Spanish Chorizo

Fresh Manjimup Black Truffle (subject to availability)

Shaved Serrano Jamon ‘La Raza Duroc’ Reserva




Three Tapas items for $14pp when paella is ordered ($4.50pp for each extra item).
All menu items are made fresh for your function and served on rustic wooden boards. A great way to start your party!

We can also put together a tapas platter package for your next office meeting or function. Cooked fresh and delivered to your business for a small delivery fee.  Areas are from Perth CBD to Fremantle.

Fresh Bread Selection

Olive, roast tomato
Sea salt, olive oil

Local Oysters

Freshly shucked and served with our special condiments –

Sangria granita
Basque style – crispy chorizo & dry sherry


Mixed local olives (v,gf)

Andalusian gazpacho shooter (v,gf)

Marinated Fremantle octopus (gf)

Marinated white anchovies, red pepper, salsa verde, crispy baguette (v)

Slow roasted tomato bread, basil, extra virgin olive oil (v)

Forest mushrooms, fresh herbs, aioli, baguette (v)

Blistered padron peppers, sea salt, lemon (v,gf)

Charred sweetcorn, grated Spanish manchego cheese, paprika salt (v,gf)


Char-grilled eggplant and zucchini, harissa yoghurt (v)

Potato, rosemary, caramelised onion (v)

Grilled house made chorizo, guindillas (gf)

Patatas bravas, smoked aioli (v)

Free-range pork or beef meatballs baked in Romesco sauce (gf)

Grilled beef or chicken skewers, Argentinian chimmi-churri (gf)

Grilled baby calamari skewers, lemon aioli (gf)

Spiced prawns skewers, red mojo sauce (gf)


-Served grilled in their half shell-

Brandy, garlic and spicy breadcrumb gratin

Olive oil, green mojo sauce (gf)

Garlic, sweet paprika, herb butter (gf)

Parmesan and béchamel


All prices are excluded GST.

v-vegetarian, gf- gluten free


Orange, shaved fennel, red onion and rocket, mint dressing (gf)

Roasted beetroot, baby spinach, candied walnuts, goats cheese dressing (gf)

Mescalin, Lebanese cucumber, avocado, red peppers, ciabatta herb croutons, sherry vinaigrette



Chargrilled watermelon, fresh lime, chilli salt (gf)


Spanish style donut, cinnamon sugar, dulce de leche

Portuguese Custard Tarts

with orange toffee


Macaron Selection by Maison Saint-Honoré – Macaron towers available from 30 pieces.


Not only can we cook a sensationally tasty and aromatic paella

at your next event, we can also offer you a few other options

Slow roasted tender lamb shoulder

Cooked with dates, kipfler potatoes, preserved lemon, toasted almonds and harissa yoghurt (gf)

Fresh pan-fried fish

Served with a tagine of butter beans, ‘sobrassda’ cured pork, cherry tomatoes and olives (gf)

Spanish breakfast – great for a Sunday morning brunch!

Free-range eggs, ‘La Boqueria’ chorizo, rich tomato sofrito, kipfler potato and Spanish Manchego cheese with charred ciabatta

*subject to availability and quoted on market price